Offering easy to use Digital Payments and Portfolio Management Software

CurPay Merchant

CurPay can help bridge the gaps between traditional and digital payments

Seamless to Consumers, No Risk to Merchants, Accept and Manage Digital/Crypto payments with our all-in-one solution is EASY!

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CurPay Automated Volatility Protection
CurPay Trader

CurPay AI gives you more control, and automation, and is backed by our patented pending Automated Volatility Protection AVP®

Crypto Trading made easy, remove the fear of Volatility.

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CurPay Automated Volatility Protection
CurPay Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)®

Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)® is a patent-pending technology that is not some Buy/Sell order tool or dumb trading bot; it is an automated Artificial Intelligence based technology that is specialized for one duty, keeping assets safe by monitoring jumps or drops in asset value. It not only protects 24/7 but takes advantage of volatility in the market to make a profit.

It simultaneously analyzes market conditions in multiple Cryptocurrencies and/or other types of securities and will execute trades whenever there is room for making a profit. It requires little trading experience and is designed as a fire-and-forget system where once set up, the operation can be completely hands-off. You can even keep trading and AVP will pick up those trades and not only account for them but also learn from your trading style.

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